‘If a very early-career Ian McEwan got together with Franz Kafka and Flannery O’Connor and somehow a lovechild resulted, and that lovechild grew up to be a writer, I think that writer might be Órfhlaith Foyle.’ Alan McMonagle (Ithaca)


Published Works

Clemency Browne Dreams of Gin (short fiction) published by Arlen House 2014

Belios(a novel) published by The Lilliput Press
Red Riding Hood’s Dilemma(debut poetry collection) published by Arlen House 2010
Somewhere In Minnesota (a story) published in Faber and Faber New Irish Short Stories 2011
Somewhere In Minnesota (debut short fiction collection published by Arlen House 2011

Of ‘Somewhere in Minnesota’, writer Joseph O’Connor said, ‘Órfhlaith Foyle’s strange stories of violence and yearning beguile the reader even as they disconcert. She is a true original, a writer of great gifts, and I find her work immensely compelling and memorable.’

Of ‘Belios’, writer Patrick McGrath said, ‘Belios is a dark, rough, funny novel about a dying genius and his crazed biographer. It rages with wild vitality oddly touched with tenderness. Órfhlaith Foyle has fire in her belly.’


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